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Sunday, 18 January 2015

Happy New Year 2015!

My last quilt going for a special price.

It's well and truly 2015 and after a week on a relaxing cruising holiday, I'm back on board (so to speak!) and although the phrase normally following this statement might be "and I've hit the ground running", the truth is I haven't.
I don't intend to run at all this year. (Except literally, to keep fit)
Perhaps it's having experienced a full week of internet-free relaxation combined with some interesting reading, that I've decided to perpetuate the chill vibe all year. Don't get me wrong, I still intend to have a super-productive year but I now realise that it can all be done without stress, rushing or frustration. I've come to understand that my feelings of overwhelm in the past were my own choice, and I simply choose peaceful productivity instead. Peaceful productivity. I think that will be my catch phrase for the year.

Time will tell if this new calm outlook will indeed become a permanent mind set…! Anyway, enough of the personal development. A few exciting things are already in the pipeline for A Home For Tandy.

One is that I'll be exhibiting some artwork at the Wyreena Gallery in March/April. This gallery is in my local area so I'm very proud to have my work hanging there. Housed within a heritage listed old Manse, it is set in beautiful gardens and they also have a lovely cafe, making the visit even more delightful! Check it out here.

Another exciting thing is a project in such an embyonic stage I'll have to keep you in suspense a bit longer before I reveal! Cruel, I know!

An exciting offer for A Home For Tandy supporters is my last Queen size quilt at a greatly reduced price. This quilt (pictured) is the last one I have in stock and I won't be making more in the foreseeable future. It is eco-dyed silk with bamboo batting, hand-stitched in pure wool and merino wool, and took me about 20 hours to make. I sleep with one similar (of course) and can honestly say that on hot nights, I've never slept more comfortably! The natural materials and the light weight are simply dreamy in summer, and of course as an extra layer on chilly nights, it is also perfect.
I'm offering it at a very special price of $820 (it has been listed on Etsy for $950) including free shipping. Send an enquiry to if you'd love it to be yours.

I wish you all a wonderful year and "Peaceful Productivity" in all your endeavours…


Quilt details

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