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Friday, 29 November 2013

Preparing To Launch

Be it a birthday, anniversary, graduation or any other mile-stone or achievement, I've always been a fan of marking the occasion in some way. So of course I'll be celebrating when "A Home For Tandy" is finally set up and ready for business! The idea to throw a launch party came to me as soon as I walked into my studio and I visualised the space filled with champagne sipping friends and family admiring my artistically displayed work on a balmy summer evening under a canopy of fairy lights (well, I have a very vivid imagination!) And locking in the date I realised how powerful that simple act was. Now I had a non-negotiable deadline for having a number of tasks completed that would culminate in having some product made and an online presence from which to sell it. Then I could work backwards from that date to plan what needed to be done and in what order. Had I not set that launch date and just chipped away at things when I felt I "had the time",  the project might have taken years! (Much like my first quilt which I worked on for seven years and only finished
when I had the deadline of a trip away and I decided it should go with me...)

Now the launch is only 10 days away, and just when I felt things were on track and under control, just today I've written two pages of lists; thing to do, things to source, things to discuss, things to bring to the studio and a plan for the display! I guess this is what it's like to run a business; overwhelming at times but ultimately, the exciting realisation of one's creative dream...

Next post - photos of the momentous occasion!