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Saturday, 5 October 2013

It's Time To Go....

I'm fed up and I'm moving out! Well not me, just my work. I'm fed up with taking over the house from the study through the dining room and often the kitchen to get my work done. Fed up with the lack of space, the right size table and having to constantly set up and pack up when the dining table actually needs to be used for dining (and to avoid the inevitable encounters with cats). And I'm fed up with my apparent inability to work without getting distracted by normal household stuff such as washing that needs putting out, the TV which is on right in front of my work space (read dining table) and my family up for a chat or the offer of a coffee break. 

So the time had come to find an alternative workspace. After many years of pining over art magazines and Pinterest images of artist studios, dreaming of having a space of my own, I excitedly began looking for a suitable (and affordable) space. However because there are several processes to my work, and each requires a specific environment (dyeing is wet and messy whereas  quilting needs a large clean dry table), many of the spaces advertised were just not quite right.

This is where the power of visualisation kicked in! If I'd ever doubted that power, here's proof that it exists. Without consciously "putting it out to the universe" I had visualised the space I needed with all the features and equipment including natural light and good ventilation. In fact months ago, I had drawn it in my notebook. And of course I didn't want to pay much for it. Too much to ask?
Well, the short story is that I've secured a space that, with a few additions and adjustments, is perfect for me (and my budget). So this week I packed everything up from various locations around the house and moved into my new studio. It's perfect! Photos to follow......

The piano makes a good craft storage shelf when working at the dining table...

The kitchen, closed for business.

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