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Wednesday, 19 March 2014

India Flint Workshop

I'm not usually one to get star-struck, but I have to say I'm super excited to be meeting this lady. India Flint is the guru of natural dyeing techniques, has written beautiful books on the subject and holds highly popular work-shops around the world..... and I'm participating in one this weekend!

The three day "Second Skin" workshop to be held at Beautiful Silks store in Fitzroy is an event I've been looking forward to since I booked nearly a year ago (that's how popular they are) and now it's almost upon us. I just can't wait to see for myself, not just read it from a book, how this woman gets such amazing prints and colours on cloth using nothing but natural/organic materials. I'm hoping what I learn will lend new ideas and direction to my own work.

And of course it will be a pleasure to be surrounded by like-minded folk, swanning around being creative for three whole days!

Here's a link to India Flint's beautiful blog


  1. goodness me, i'd better wash behind my ears and take a clean hanky tomozz!
    thank you for the kind words

  2. You're welcome India. See you in the morning!