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Wednesday, 19 February 2014


Folding the fabric between bulldog clips creates an interesting star burst pattern.

Onion skins ... organically graphic!

This gorgeous orange was achieved in a dye bath of loquat leaves.

I completed these cushions a few months ago, in time for the launch in December and they've since been shown at the RAW showcase as well. Now it's time to show them to the rest of the world so I'll be listing them in my Etsy shop in the next week or so.
The tops are eco dyed silk (of course!) with eco dyed cotton calico on the reverse. I've experimented with a couple of techniques as you can see by the images. I used a Shibori method of folding the fabric in a particular way (there are hundreds of ways to fold for different results) and clamping with bulldog clips. This produced a star burst pattern both where the fabric was resisted and where the metal clips left lines of rust.
Another  technique I tried was an ombre effect.  This is where the colour graduates from dark to light across the fabric and it seems to be everywhere at the moment from bed linen to fashion to hair! My results turned out a little patchy, more painterly than smooth graduation of colour, but I think it's a cool effect all the same. My next project is to try the ombre thing again on scarves....
The cushions have an envelope opening and I've filled them with feather cushion inserts so they're really squishy and comfy!

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