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Sunday, 10 March 2013


This piece followed the "Paper Stole" in the sculptural, "non-wearable couture" theme, but got me back to my roots in fabric and experimental quilting. All the fabrics are recycled, some retrieved from the stash I inherited from my great-grandmother who's surname was Swan (this in some way informed the shape and lines of the piece which are...well, swan-like and also provided a fitting title)
The skirt frame is manipulated chicken wire. It was rather satisfying getting my hands dirty in the shed with pliers and wire cutters!
Then came the endless task of creating hundreds of quilted circles in various fabrics, each individually embellished with lines of stitching. Then cutting them out carefully. Then assembling the circles to create the skirt overlay, placing them deliberately to appear random (it's harder than you think!)
The circle motif was repeated in crocheted wire and attached to the overlay and the frame, linking the two elements.
The aim of the piece was to explore the idea of repetition. Combining circular quilted pieces with circular crochet pieces on the continuous hexagons of the chicken wire, I feel I have succeeded
..... but boy, was it repetitive!
On display at the Tinning Street Gallery.

Back view.

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