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Monday, 21 January 2013

What's in a Name?

My childhood storybook.
The inspiration!

Thankfully, I kept the book all these years (I read it to my two kids and could never bring myself to part with it!) but hadn't given it any thought until recently.
You may be wondering about the title of this blog. It's named after a story book from my childhood written by Audrey and Harvey Hirsch and exquisitely illustrated by Tim and Greg Hildebrandt. It follows the story of an elf struggling to find a home for the winter. Just when all seems lost, his forest animal friends gather together to build a home for Tandy.
We were on a family road trip when my 7 year old step-daughter started the game "What's your ultimate......?" When it was "What's your ultimate bedroom?" the only image I could conjure up was the one at the end of this story. Isn't it amazing how the brain can store stuff you haven't recalled in years?!
Anyway I got home, found the book again and looking at the pictures couldn't help thinking how they align with the essence of what this blog is about - bringing elements of the natural world into my textile work and my home....And the message of a community working together for the greater good is universal and enduring.
So "A Home For Tandy" it had to be!(I hope you're enjoying it so far..)

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